What are Product Attributes?

Product attributes are additional characteristics of a product like size, color, components and features that affect the product's appeal in the market and let customers make a choice.

To define product attributes, click on Products> Product Attributes

Here, you can define attributes by filling out the following details:

Step 1- Give a name to your attribute in the Name section.  It could be "Select color" or "Select size".

Step 2- Define Slug or reference for optimization purpose.

Step 3- You can enable archives in case your'e willing to have product archives in your online store.

Step 4- You can select the type of attribute you would like to set:

  1. Color
  2. Image 
  3. Button
  4. Radio

Step 5- You can also set the default sort order for the front-end shop products pages. You can set it as per following criteria:

  1. Custom Ordering
  2. Name
  3. Name( Numeric)
  4. Term ID


Once you define all the criteria and conditions, click on Add Attribute and a new attribute will be saved.

You can view the same on the right hand side of the page.