Social Proof- Social proof is nothing but fake sales notification. To enable it, go to:

Go to Settings> Social Proof


Step 1- Go to General tab and “enable”. To make mobile notifications responsive, enable mobile.

Step 2- Design tab-   You can customize the highlight color, text color, background color etc. from this tab. Apart from it, you can pick any of the readymade templates we have in store for you. from our library. There are other settings as well on this tab like image position, border radius, message display and hidden effect etc.

Step 3- Messages tab- You can customize the notification message on this tab. For that, you can specify random set of names, city, state, country, product name, product link, time after purchase etc. here.

Step 4- Products Tab- Show products field gives you the option to pick out the products which you would like to showcase on your notification messages. It could vary from “Latest products” to specific category of products. Make your selection as per your preferences. Alternatively, you can opt in or out “Out of stock” products. Also, product image size can be decided upon from here.

Step 5- Product Detail Tab- You can choose to run single product which will just show only the current product detail in the notification to the customer. Alternatively, you can pick multiple products in the same category.

Step 6- Time Tab- Here, you can decide if the notifications are to displayed on a loop or not. If yes, you can set the next display time, no. of notifications per page, initial time random etc.

Step 7- Sound-  You can enable the sound for the social proof notification to your customers. The sound makes the customers pay more attention to the notification. There are 3 types of sound tracks from which you can make a choice.