Once you have your domain added and activated, you can go ahead and start adding products to your website.

To add products to your website, follow the following steps:

Step 1Click on Campaign>Products>Create New- To add or edit any new product, click on create new.


Step 2- Product Name and Product Description

Enter the product name and product description. Make sure you highlight important characteristics of the product like its usage, durability, material/composition etc.


Step 3- On-Page Optimization

Now, update the snippet in "On page optimization" section for SEO purposes.


Step 4- Product data- 

Product Categories: You need to assign a category and a parent category, if applicable (like furniture, clothing etc.) and high resolution images of your product here.

For Example- Ottoman>Seating>Furniture - Here, Ottoman is the product, seating is the category and Furniture is the parent category.

Step 5- Product Image and Product Gallery-

You need to update a good resolution picture of your product. Click on "Set product Image" and it will let you pick the desired image from your system or from "Media files" if you have added that to Media already.

You can also set multiple images of your product by going to "Add Product Gallery Images" and selecting multiple images simultaneously.

Step 6: Types of Product-

  1. Simple Product
  2. Grouped Product
  3. External/Affiliate product
  4. Variable Product

Let’s understand this better by taking example of a Simple product:

  • General- Regular price and sale price

Regular Price- The initially decided price of the product like for example INR 1000/- 

Sale Price- The discounted price at which you would like to give your product to customers like INR 700/- instead of INR 1000/-

  • Quantity options

By enabling quantity options, you can offer your customers a good combo offer for buying more than one product. You can set the combo price and "text" for the same to lure customers to shop more from your store.

  • Order Bump

    Order Bump is a feature that lets you configure supplementary products to display on your order form. These products are displayed as checkbox options. After a customer selects an initial product, they can choose to add these “bump products” to their order.Bump products are typically products or offers that complement the original product being purchased. They are often priced at smaller price points than the initial product. Think of it as “you’re already buying the pasta…add the sauce for just INR 20 more.”


  • Attributes

Now, if you remember, we have defined attributes before adding products to the store. To refresh you, an attribute is a distinct feature of a product and sets it apart from its counterpart. Like for example- A clothing item may have different colours and sizes and a chair may have different kind of material like plastic, engineered wood, MDF etc. So in these cases- Color, size and material are called attributes.

Kwikfunnels CRM-  CRM Product ID



Step 7: Open Graph Settings- Facebook recognizes the title, images, thumbnail from these settings. Whatever you update here is shown on social media once you share the product link there.