Changing your account password once in a while is necessary to ensure safety of your account. You can change your customer portal password at any point of time. Here are the steps you should follow to change the same:

Step 1: Go to:

Setting>Update settings and login password

Step 2:

Now, change your password by filling in the following details:

(a) Enter your old or existing password

(b) Your new password ( should be different from the old password)

(c) Confirm your new password.

(d) Now click on "Click to proceed" and it will update your password from old to the new one.


Additionallyyou can change your website name as well through this setting option. On the top right side, you have this option: "Change website name"- This is the website name which gets displayed on the outgoing emails to the customers. You can change this at any point of time.

Step 1- Enter your website name( which you want to display on outgoing emails)

Step 2- Now click on "Click to Proceed. It will save your website name.